Automate your AI workflow 10x Faster

Manage your images, videos and text in one integrated platform



Import your unstructured data to our Platform or connect your data sources to visualize your data without transfers



Manage groups and projects with various access levels and monitor contributions for each one of your projects



Search and quickly filter annotations and predictions from images, videos and text



Review annotations and predictions before exporting in your favorite format

Annotate Images

Our Platform includes everything you need to annotate a wide range of image types quickly and precisely.
Polygons, keypoints, rotating bounding boxes and pixel level semantic segmentation are all part of our image annotation toolkit.


Using customized categorization tools to match your labels to your ontology

Annotate Text

Extract insightful information from document and vast corpus of text-based data.


Efficiently identify emotions at word, phrase, paragraph, and document levels

Auto-annotate your data

Automate your AI workflow to speed up tedious annotation tasks

up to x100 FASTER

Our auto-annotation tools label images, videos and text in few milliseconds while this process could take minutes or hours

up to x2 BETTER

Our AI-assisted annotation models work 24/7 and could scale instantly to meet growing demand and consistency requirements

up to x5 CHEAPER

Automating the annotation process lower the overall cost of your projects by up to 5 times compared to a manual process

Crowd Detection

Labeling Workforce

Fuel your Artificial Intelligence workflow with professional Human-powered data


We help you create smarter AI workflow on a project basis without any commitments

Scalable teams

Our annotators work as an extension of your team helping you deliver your AI projects faster


Our labeling workforce annotate your data with astounding care and quality


Monitor annotations in real time and track AI-assisted predictions versus manual annotations in your Dashboard

Data labeling services

Dedicated subject matter experts trained on our platform to deliver the highest quality training datasets for your most challenging use cases. Background checks are performed on our taskforce which is 100% mindful of your data sensitivity.

Quality assurance

Tasks submitted to our platform can be automatically pre-labeled by our proprietary deep learning models, then reviewed by subject matter experts to be re-annotated when required. This approach is 5x cheaper and is less prone to errors than a human or synthetic approach.

Use Cases

Use Case Insurance
Insurance Powering the insurance industry with AI
Use Case Moderation
Moderation Moderate user generated content with AI
Use Case Biometrics
Biometrics Identify individuals or verify their identity with AI
Use Case Retail & Ecommerce
Retail & Ecommerce Using AI for the Retail & Ecommerce industry
Use Case Image captioning
Image captioning Generate meaningful text from images with AI

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