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The integrative annotation platform for text

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An Intuitive Platform For Text Annotation.

From a vast corpus of text-based data, extract and get insightful information. Improve search relevance, automate customer support by comprehending and interacting with text.

Sentiment analysis

Efficiently identify emotions at word, phrase, paragraph, and document levels.
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information extraction

Information extraction

Easily extract data from tables, unstructured text and other types of documents.
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Name entity recognition

In a short amount of time, recognize common or unique items inside a text body.
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Translate text inputs into 108 languages using machine translation
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Question answering

Annotate sets of question-answer pairs to deliver real-time and accurate responses.
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Text Annotation Use Cases

Media & News
Develop models to quickly identify the target information in advertisements and media venues.
Locate diseases and drugs in medical records, literature, and other health information texts.
Recognize inaccuracies in contracts and bank statements. Quickly extract any type of data.
Improve underwriting and claims management to make faster and less error-prone decisions.

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