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The integrative annotation platform for images

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Create highly accurate models to detect and identify multiple classes of objects, classify photos and extract meaningful text from images. Beewant serves a variety of use cases, including Retail & E-commerce, Biometrics and Smart Cities.

Image segmentation

Draw masks on images with adjustable drawing tools and a compatible editor.
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mcdonald-logo cat-race pizza

Image classification

Using customized categorization tools to match your labels to your ontology.
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Object detection

Using advanced vector labeling capabilities, you can quickly detect objects in your images.
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Optical Character Recognition

Create machine-encoded text from photos of typed, handwritten, printed, or other text.
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Image Annotation Use Cases

Retail & E-commerce
Power retail & e-commerce with AI and increase customer retention.
Smart cities
Make living more secure and comfortable for urban polulation.
Elevate security across your business with biometrics.
Optimize time and resources dedicated to inspection.
Beewant Auto-Labeling: ~
code: ~$ curl -X POST -File ""
Auto Label

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