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The Data Management Platform for unstructured data.

Manage your images, videos and text in one integrated Platform.

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A single and secure data platform for all your unstructured data allowing you to better understand your data assets.

Import your unstructured data to our platform or connect your data sources in one place.
Manage groups and projects with various access levels and track progress on dashboards.
Search and quickly filter annotations and predictions from images, videos and text.
Review annotations & predictions before exporting in your favorite format.

Manage your content in one integrated platform.

Access your data from any device, anywhere

Our platform is designed for unlimited scalability in terms of storage capacity. Beewant is integrated with major public cloud providers. Connect your own bucket and start processing your data within minutes.

Analytics dashboard

Create a project, add classes and invite contributors. Your team members and annotators can access your instructions and you can monitor and track tasks completion with few clicks.

Automated tagging to deliver faster and accurate results

Use our pretrained models for computer vision and NLP to tag your data based on image captioning, object detection and classification.